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Ladies make your way to #SuiteWednesdays rooftop party…
Mel B Spotted Out & About in NYC
Suite Lounge tonight.. You never know what celebrity will pop up but you candy guarentee the club candy will be in the building. ATLs #1 Wednesday party continues..PARTY IN THE SKY..rooftop partying..txt SUITEATL to 313131 for free entry. Atlnightspots is giving shots to the top 5.
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The creators of a device designed to identify if your drink has been spiked have launched on Indiegogo with the aim of raising $100,000. Similar in size to a pack of gum, the can be dunked into a drink, blinking red after a few seconds if a contaminant is found. According to founder J. David Wilson, the hardware uses the same technology that the US DEA has employed for years, just shrunk down to a smaller size. Once dunked into your drink, the collects a small sample, analyzing its density, resistance and temperature to determine if a foreign agent, like rohypnol, has been introduced.If the $100,000 is raised, the the team behind (short for Personal Drink ID) aims to have the gear on sale within six months, priced at $75. Thankfully, the hardware is reusable, so could be employed to keep you safe throughout a night on the tiles. Wilson and his colleagues haven’t talked about how easy it’ll be to shrink the technology down, or how accurate the unit will be when it launches.
Your only two people away from knowing some one scamming in Atlanta (That includes women).
@FoeDiddy got jokes lol..Shout out to all the women wearing waist shapers under their dresses in the club.
Beyonce donned a bright pink jumpsuit as she stepped out with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy in New Orleans on Tuesday

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